Netherlands embassy in Athens, Greece


The embassy contains the following departments.

Political affairs

This embassy monitors and analyses their host country’s domestic and foreign policies and the political trends they reflect. They report to The Hague about local developments likely to affect the Netherlands directly or indirectly.

The embassy also explains Dutch policy to their host country and take part in multilateral negotiations – and they sometimes help conduct international peace and security operations in which the Netherlands is taking part. Cooperation between the missions of the EU member states is a separate subject.

Economic and Commercial affairs
Economic protection and promotion are the second core task at the embassy. These tasks are instrumental in the enhancement of the Dutch competition position and for improving trade relationships. Therefore the embassy reports amongst others on the investment climate. Furthermore, the embassy fulfils an important liaison role for the protection and promotion of economic interests, both collective business interests and the interests of individual businesses. Within this framework, the embassy helps to solve practical problems and organises promotional activities and networking meetings.

Consular affairs
Consular affairs involve protecting and promoting the interests of Dutch people abroad, whether they live there or are there temporarily for business or pleasure. Consular activities include: issuing passports; issuing declarations; visiting Dutch nationals in prison and ensuring that their rights are respected; informing relatives when a Dutch national has passed away, had an accident, or has been admitted to hospital – and advising them what to do, etcetera. The consulates’ handling of visa applications deserves separate mention.

Press and cultural affairs
Embassies and consulates promote cultural cooperation with the host country and provide public information about the Netherlands.

Public information
As well as providing public information about the Netherlands, the missions aim to foster interest and goodwill. With an array of promotional activities, they provide information with two objectives: to promote the export of Dutch goods, services and knowledge, and to attract investment, events and tourists to the Netherlands.

Press relations
Embassies and (more rarely) consulates, communicate with the local press to ensure fair and accurate reporting of the Netherlands, its standpoints, policies, and contribution to international efforts such as peacekeeping. They also correct information that is inaccurate or reflects badly on the Netherlands.

Agricultural and Defence attaché
Both non-resident agricultural and a non-resident defence attaché are attached to this embassy. They reside in Bucharest and Rome respectively.
They promote Dutch agricultural and defence interests in the broadest sense respectively. The emphasis lays on economic and political activities.