Netherlands embassy in Athens, Greece

Study in the Netherlands

Higher education institutions in the Netherlands offer high quality international degree programmes covering almost every field of study. The duration of the programmes varies from 9 to 24 months for a master’s course to 4 years for a PhD degree.

All courses are taught entirely in English. A complete overview of the programmes can be found at the site of the NUFFIC.

The first steps you need to take:

  • Check the available degree programmes.
  • Contact the institution in the Netherlands about admission requirements, etc.
  • If you meet the requirements, follow the institution’s admission procedure
  • Ask the host institution about accommodation possibilities
  • Check whether your current health insurance provides sufficient coverage in the Netherlands


Useful information for Dutch Diploma’ holders


As per 1 July 2015, the Educational Section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Greece, will not be able to issue certifications of Dutch diplomas or statement of enrolments for use by the Translation Dept. of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this purpose interested parties can apply to the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in The Hague.  

The verification for the authenticity of a Dutch diploma has to be done, preferably before leaving the Netherlands, by obtaining the “Apostille” seal.

Students who leave outside the Netherlands can apply for the “Apostille” seal by sending their diploma by post to the pertinent authority the Education Implementation Service ( For more detailed information you may visit: “legalization of your Dutch educational documents”.

Educational documents such as “statement of enrolment” for use by the Greek Army, insurance, etc.) can be legalised by the Education Implementation Service ( Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, ) and verified afterwards by the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in The Hague.

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